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Rome’s 7 hills

Rome's 7 hills are a fundamental part of the history of the city, since they are an integral part of the morphology of the territory on which the Eternal City stands. Even if you do not know their names and location, it is likely that in your Roman walks you will come across several hills, if not all of them, without knowing it. So here is a recap of the main attractions of each hill, so you always know where you are!


The most famous and most touristic hill, since it houses the symbolic monument of Rome, the Colosseum, and the beautiful street full of ancient remains, the Imperial Forums. We also recommend that you visit the Basilica of Santi Cosma e Damiano.


A quiet hill, located near the Circus Maximus and populated with villas and green spaces. On this hill you can enjoy the peace in places such as the municipal rose garden and the Orange Garden, as well as admire the dome of St. Peter from the famous keyhole of the door of Santa Maria del Priorato di Malta.


Southern hill, the Celio is one of the largest and probably one of the liveliest, given the presence of neighborhoods with restaurants and clubs of all kinds. As monuments to visit, we certainly recommend the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano, that of San Clemente and the delightful Villa Celimontana.

Capitoline (or Campidoglio)

It currently houses the Campidoglio and its Palace, in the past it was a real Roman acropolis. On this hill you can also admire the grandeur of the Altare della Patria, as well as visit the famous Capitoline Museums.


This highest and largest hill embraces various districts of Rome, including Monti. The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and the Colle Oppio Park, where the Baths of Trajan and Nero's Domus Aurea are hidden, are not to be missed.


The smallest of the 7, but still full of beautiful places to see, such as the Palazzo del Viminale, the Museum of the Baths of Diocletian, Piazza della Repubblica and the Opera House.


The most political hill in Rome, as it houses the Quirinal Palace, seat of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, and the Palazzo della Corte Costituzionale. Despite being a political seat, the Quirinal Palace and its gardens are beautiful to see. Also part of this hill is the marvelous Trevi Fountain, one of the main attractions of the whole capital.

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