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The Lazio coast south of Rome

If you love the sea and don't want to miss out on tasting some typical fish dishes in a nice restaurant on the beach, you should know that there are some beautiful seaside resorts on the southern coast of Lazio not to be missed. Here are our favourites.

San Felice Circeo and Sabaudia

San Felice Circeo is a small town on the headland above the sea, full of bars and restaurants which are very popular in the summer. Moving from the slopes of the headland towards Rome, you will find the spacious and beautiful beaches of Sabaudia, dotted with outlets offering food, snacks and aperitifs every day. The beaches are clean and offer breath-taking sunset views. For sportier guests, we recommend joining one of the water sports activities offered by the beachside outlets, walking up the Circeo mountain and visiting the caves along the headland.


The main attractions of Terracina are undoubtedly the beaches and fresh seafood. However, we can't fail to mention the fascinating Temple of Jupiter Anxur, an ancient Roman temple located on Monte Sant'Angelo, visible from miles away, which has made the area famous. It's also worth going for a walk around the historic centre, especially the Piazza del Municipio, where you'll find the city's cathedral and an archaeological museum.


Sperlonga looks like something out of a painting, with its beautiful white houses perched on the headland, interspersed with terraces and stairways. As well as enjoying the beaches and clear water, we also recommend a visit to the remains of the wonderful villa of the Roman emperor Tiberius.


Gaeta is a seaside resort loved by both the inhabitants of Rome and Campania alike, with seven beautiful beaches to suit every preference. Make sure you visit the Montagna Spaccata, with its sea cliff split that reaches up to sea level, and the Grotta del Turco. You will find exceptional fish and seafood here too, cooked to perfection in tasty local dishes. Food and relaxation, everything you need for your holiday.

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