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Rome's Mercato Centrale

If you can't wait to taste the typical dishes of the Italian and Roman cuisine, don’t miss the unique gastronomic experience of the Mercato Centrale, in Rome Termini station.

Mercato Centrale is the only format that allows tourists and locals to fully enjoy typical local products exclusively from artisans of taste.

From 48-hour leavened gourmet pizza to artisanal beers, from typical ice creams to local wines, Mercato Centrale offers all its visitors a triumph of goodness.

What to expect: a space of over 1000 square metres where you will be surrounded by the best delicacies that Rome and Italy can offer, made exclusively by local artisans to offer everyone a true culinary experience of taste and tradition.

What you won't find: commercial products found in generalist supermarkets and souvenir stores, industrial products from large retailers and not produced in Italy.

Its location, at Rome's Termini station, offers everyone the possibility of reaching Mercato Centrale by the city's main public transport services or taking a tasty break before catching the train.

For more information visit the Mercato Centrale website.

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